Privacy Policy

In this section, you can write/modify your Privacy Policy.

The privacy policy is an important document to protect your company and the users of your website regarding personal or non-personal data collected by your website.

When drafting your privacy policy, you must:

  • specify the purpose of this policy;
  • identify the data you collect;
  • explain how this data is used;
  • inform about the sharing of such data with third parties (if applicable);
  • explain how the data is secured;
  • notify users of their right to modify/delete their data;
  • notify users of any changes to this policy;
  • and finally, provide your contact information;

Is it mandatory to draft a privacy policy?

You must draft a privacy policy if you collect and process personal data.

Where do privacy policies appear?

The privacy policies of your website simply appear at the bottom of your site.

If you need an example of a privacy policy, you can download one from TermsFeed.

Example of why you should draft a privacy policy:

You create your website and want to use Google Analytics to collect more data. If you use Google Analytics or are familiar with it, you know it gathers information. You must inform users that you use Google Analytics and that the company Google collects data about your users.

Using the WebSelf editor, we collect analytical data from users visiting your site. Feel free to mention this by indicating the WebSelf privacy policy in your policy.

We would like to inform you that WebSelf declines all responsibility if you do not comply with your country's standards.


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